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Railway Lines & Rolling Stock

Diadilos Solutions is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle Rail Insurance, Rolling Stock claims (all the vehicles, self-propelled or not, that operate on a railroad line). Having the understanding that this field covers a wide range of business in the sector, we deal with the complex and diverse nature of the said cases.

Claim handling may include both locomotives and cars designed to carry persons or freight/tank cars, boxcars, flatcars, passenger cars. 

Our company handles all cases of railroad protective liability insurance that usually covers the chassis, the interior including the wiring, isolation, fittings, devices, systems, main and auxiliary mechanisms, boilers, diesel generators and other devices and equipment of the rolling stock unit.

Various damage claims may include:

  • Damages caused by a railway accident, collision or derailing.

  • Damages caused by a fire or explosion in a railway vehicle. 

  • Damages caused by natural disasters (flood, storm, hurricane, collapse, landslide, snowfall, lightening, tornado, hail).

  • Loss of a railway vehicle.

  • Damages from the illegal activity of a third person

Our procedures in addition to standard and/or customary claim handling, also include

Communication with all involved parties, such as: 

  • Property owners with Rail Sidings, Depots and Engineering Works.o

  • Rail Fleet Operators

  • Rail Rolling Stock owners

  • Track work and Signaling Contractors

  • Maintenance; Service Depots

  • Rail Consultants & Design Engineers

Provision with impartial specialist advice concerning risk management to:

  • Minimize your exposure to risk

  • Save your time and money

Management of your claims while providing the necessary assistance and representation in front of insurance partners, court officials, etc.

Our rail accident team can investigate any incident regarding either the railway lines or the rolling stock or both. 

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