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Fine Arts

Diadilos Solutions offers services in the area of appraisal & claim handling concerning fine art and collectibles.
The implementation of a cost-effective decision methodology in regards to repairing or replacing valuables ensures the accurate handling of the assignment. Stages of such applications include the following:


  • Identification of  pre – versus - post loss damages

  • Identification of  condition history 

  • Identification of mediums and materials

  • Identification  of previous alterations to the work of art

  • Identification  of what can be restored 

  • Living artists’ rights 

  • Triage options that can minimize claim costs

  • Identification of betterment potentials

Moreover, in an effort to provide our client with the best and most efficient service possible, our company also collaborates as deemed necessary with experience professionals in the area of fine arts, such as;


  • Authenticators:  to authenticate that it’s by a certain artist

  • Appraisers: to identify the value of the piece

  • Conservators: to technically identify the medium of the piece

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