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Aquaculture Claims Services

Diadilos Solutions provides local expertise throughout the Greek region for the rapidly growing aquaculture industry in Southeast Europe.

Aquaculture experts and technical staff are available to handle all claims concerning the commercial aquaculture farming since it is seen as the only alternative to meet the growing demand for fish products and quality seafood around the globe.

As reported in the media, aquaculture experts are “predicting a significant boom in the industry in coming years” and our company’s team of knowledgeable experts has the experience and expertise to deal with the investigation and adjustment of the highly complex aquaculture claims in growing farms and relevant hatchery operations.

Diadilos Solutions’s experts and scientific colleagues fully understand the dynamics behind such claims. Our expertise allows us to deal with the detailed investigations and loss-quantifying measures required to properly document these specialized claims. We understand and address the unique & special issues that arise from mortality or loss of stock often resulting from:


  • Non-compliance of appropriate procedures

  • Pollution 

  • Contamination

  • Transit (shore to site, sea site to sea site) 

  • Algae 

  • Weather losses

  • Mass escape

  • Diseases

  • Theft

  • Predators

  • Super chill

  • Facilities 

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