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Claim Handling Administration

All in one claim services for Insurers 

Our company offers a comprehensive management process for all types of companies customized to the individual needs of the specific operation. Our extensive range of ser vices includes a complete & thorough process for the successful closing of the file. By utilizing our services our customers ensure the complete and efficient handling of their loss while simultaneously protecting their professional image and avoiding additional costs usually incurred by necessary additional experts & administrative personnel. 

Services include: 

  • Instruction/notification of the loss 

  • Communication with all interested parties (Insurer/s, Insured, Claimant, Doctors, 

  • Lawyers, etc.), Maintenance and update of electronic database 

  • Assignment of loss adjuster/expert, communication with claimant/insured 

  • Site visit & verification of loss 

  • Update to principal (Insurer and/or Insured, etc.) concerning ascertainments of visit, 

  • nature of loss, extent and provisional reserves when appropriate. 

  • Negotiations & handling of process of payments to insured and/or claimants following 

  • relevant approval(s) Weekly and/or monthly updates concerning number, type and status of assignments with the option of "real-time" updates on a 24/7 basis. 

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