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Rapid transit railway

Railway Accident Investigation

Rail accidents are relatively rare, but their consequences can be serious, with many injuries and loss of life. A high-speed collision or derailment is inevitably a high-profile event in the media and can cause transport disruption for a long period of time. Even small, more frequent incidents can have significant operational and financial consequences.

Diadilos Solutions undertakes the investigation of railway accidents and incidents. Our team of staff & partners includes scientists and engineers with extensive training and experience in incident management, investigating all factors involved in order to clarify the causes of each incident.

Indicatively, the services provided include incidents such as:

  • Derailments

  • Collisions at any point along the lines

  • Collisions with vehicles at railway crossings

  • Insufficient maintenance of railway tracks and/or rolling stock

  • Failures and breakdowns of mechanical - electrical equipment of facilities

  • Failures and mechanical breakdowns of rolling stock

  • Investigation of causes of fires & explosions

  • Assessment of infections

  • Injury and/or death of personnel

  • Injury and/or death to third parties

  • Investigation of cause of damage to transported goods/cargo

Investigation procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Witness statements (driver, staff, passengers, etc.)

  • Inspection of railway lines at the scene of the incident

  • Inspection of signaling systems

  • Inspection of rolling stock locomotives, passenger carriages and freight wagons

  • Railcars

  • Maintenance of lines, signaling system and rolling stock

  • Staff training audits

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