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Vehicle Claims / Inspections

Our company offers a comprehensive handling of any motor vehicle related loss and/or claim while we are dedicated to offering independent, unbiased, automotive information our customer can rely upon. We strive to maintain our honesty and integrity in all of our business associations and always use cutting edge technology to distance ourselves from our competitors.


Diadilos Solutions stands for consumer/client protection and advocate full disclosure in all automotive industry transactions. As we are not involved in the automobile service/repair area, we can truly provide affordable peace of mind with no hidden agendas. 

Our extensive range of services includes communication with all interested parties (Insurer(s), Insured, Claimant, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.), examination of the cause & extent of the loss/accident/damages by experts, negotiations and complete process of agreed upon payments following appropriate authorization by our Principals.  

By utilizing our services our customers ensure the complete and efficient handling of their loss while simultaneously protecting their professional image and avoiding additional costs usually incurred by necessary additional experts & administrative personnel.

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Automotive Liability, Inspection & Appraisals

All of our Motor Vehicle Surveyors are familiar with the current legislation of Automotive Standards and Practices and conduct all types of inspection, appraisal, as well as serve as expert witness in legal cases. Inspections and services include:


Mechanical breakdown, cause of failure determination, body and paint, better business bureau arbitration, cash / diminished value appraisals, lemon law, and repair shop negligence.


Each assignment includes:

  • Travel to customer’s location

  • Perform a detailed assessment of auto damages 

  • Take accurate & comprehensive photos of the auto damage and/or areas of interest

  • Document condition of auto

  • Provide cost estimate of repairs (labor and parts, worth of vehicle at the time of accident, etc.)

Our extensive network consists of 70 surveyors in addition to the medical doctors, lawyers and experts covers the entire Greek territory and by utilization of our evolved database, we ensure real-time updates of all assignments on a 24/7 basis. 

Condition Surveys

This service is developed on the basis of the current market needs while taking into consideration the constantly changing environment of the insurance market.


It assists the anti-fraud statute that was designed to help reduce auto insurance costs by preventing issuing policies for non-existent (phantom) automobiles and deterring fraudulent and exaggerated automobile damage claims possibly caused prior to the current potential coverage and provides a broad range of services that include:

  • a precise and comprehensive overview of the current state of the auto 

  • current state of repairs

  • statistics on passenger vehicle, motor cycle, truck and bus such as distance travelled, tonne-kilometres, fuel consumption, etc.

  • photos

  • driver/owner information


Third Party Liability & Own Damages Claim Handling

Our Claims Handling/Management services are provided by an experienced in the specific field team ensuring that decisions are always made with emphasis on timely responses and minimization of costs.
We handle any Third Party Liability and/or Own damages claims including but not limited to:

  • Bodily Injury Claims

  • Windshield Claims

  • Third Party Insurance Claims

All claims are handled and reported on a 24/7 basis (see above) regardless of nature (vehicle damage, bodily injury, property damage, etc.). A dedicated case manager is assigned to each incident.

Our services provide our customers with several benefits, such as:

Reduction of elapsed days through a proactive and effective claims handling procedure, responsible decisions based on liability, prompt resolution & settlement of claims, real time update of all open cases and progress, tailored made services, assignment of experts as needed (medical doctors, lawyers, forensic investigator, etc.), option for on-site inspection by experienced loss adjusters
Interview of witnesses as needed and especially in assistance with liability investigation, account management ensuring security and accuracy of funds handled

Accident Investigations 

Our company includes a Forensics Investigation Department that consists of associates, consulting scientists and engineers with extensive training & experience in motor vehicle incidents, the forensic investigation of fires, explosions, engineering failures, etc.. 

Our associates and team of investigators have a thorough understanding of the physical principles underlying collisions and vehicle dynamics, they are also trained and experienced to carry out detailed examinations of the scene in order to establish the circumstances and cause of the accident. The methodical approach and analysis of the accumulated information in combination with excellent communication skills in order to present the relevant technical information in an easy to understand way, contributes to the completion of all assignments in a timely and professional manner.


Our responsibilities also include:

  • examining the accident scene and gathering evidence

  • examining vehicles and vehicle parts

  • creating plans of the scene and making time and distance studies

  • working out vehicle speed through the amount of crush damage

  • checking recorded tachograph information on vehicles like lorries or coaches

  • gaining technical information from vehicle manufacturers

  • producing verbal and written reports

  • acting as an expert witness in court 

  • communication with police traffic unit, insurance company or legal firm.


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